The house offers

Very spacious living-room and dining room (former stable) with spectacular views overlooking the hills and the fields
A fully-equipped kitchen including a dinner table and cabinets, a dishwasher, a stove top and oven, two refrigerators, a freezer and a pantry
6 fully furnished bedrooms (each with different views of the countryside) which accommodate up to 13 people

An ancient farmhouse (casa colonica), it has been restored to meet all our present day needs, while preserving the original feeling of a Tuscan home. We used only local and genuine construction material: all the floors are in terracotta tiles, kitchen sink and counter top are travertino, stairs and window sills are Pietra Serena, traditional Tuscan ceilings made of brickcs and beams, and most of the furniture is regional. All the orignal arches thoughout the house have been preserved.

Inside the Campo

A lone house sites on a hill, some spare shrubs surround it. There’s a white picket fence, cached with dust but still well mended. Its posts echo the hills rolling beneath. Everything is gentle and nothing seems hard. Why there’s a two-story tower in the middle of the plain...wait, maybe it’s not the middle. From where you are, the plain totally surrounds you. It looks like you could walk miles in either direction and still be nowhere nears its edges. The middle then must be somewhere, but you can’t be sure it’s where you are and where this building is. The building appears to have just the one door and two windows and no apparent purpose. Maybe if there were a horse tied up out back, or at least some semblance of people having been here. To find out, you might just have to go in and see for yourself.


3 full bathrooms with showers, and one with a bathtub as well. An extra half-bath on the ground floor. Free Wi Fi in all the rooms
A living room in the upstairs area
A large swimming pool with stairs and self-cleaning apparatus
A separate laundry room equipped with washer
A heating system throughout the entire house, a fire place on the ground floor and a stove with pellets on the first floor
Well isolated thick Tuscan walls
All rooms are equipped with mosquito screens

Towels and linens available upon request